Key Mindsets that Retain Top Talent

As a former in-house recruiter, Colene Rogers will take attendees on a journey of learning not just why employees stay or go but what to do to make them want to stay.


No single department can solve the employee retention issue on their own. It takes a coordinated and strategic alliance between the c-suite, supervisors and HR to create a more engaging and productive work environment resulting in higher organizational retention rates, greater talent acquisition, strengthened leadership, talent development and conflict management.


This workshop, with the same title of Colene’s book, Retention: Key Mindsets That Retain Top Talent, is for business leaders who recognize that their long-term success is directly linked to their ability to attract, equip, engage and most importantly, retain their best and brightest.


Attendees will leave the workshop with actionable take-aways including five initiatives that strategically change the culture of trust, communication and engagement within your company for elevated profits and talent retention, and the four components of the System of Leadership that enables leaders to maximize their level of influence for greater organizational success.