Education Seminar: Rock the Recession: How to Prepare For, Thrive During and Create Wealth After the Next Recession

Be honest…is your company ready for the next recession? And, even if you don’t believe you need to prepare for a global economic recession, what about a recession that hits just your business (like losing your biggest client or superstar employees)? 

You don’t want to just survive a recession. You want to figure out how to leverage the situation to profit and grow your business 10X. In this interactive session you will learn about the five Gears: 


          • Gear 1: ASSESS – Benchmark your company’s preparedness
          • Gear 2: TUNE – Tighten up your business and personal affairs
          • Gear 3: ACCELERATE – Plan to pounce in the recession
          • Gear 4: RACE – Capitalize on growth opportunities 
          • Gear 5: PRACTICE – Practice the plan with your team and review it regularly
          • EMERGENCY BRAKE: Cut overhead as necessary to stay profitable 


During the Rock the Recession education seminar, you won’t just listen to a speaker on the stage, you will start building an actual plan you can take with you.