Education Seminar: How the Change Order Productivity Guide Can Make Your Company More Successful

Have you seen, read, reviewed the MCAA’s 2020 Edition of the Change Orders, Productivity, and Overtime Manual? Do your project managers and your project executives even know that it exists? As I’ve travelled the country over the last 20 years teaching project management best practices to thousands of people, I’ve always been amazed at how few project managers are even aware of the manual’s existence. I often wonder if this manual, which existed in some form since 1971, is the MCAA’s oldest and best kept secret. I sincerely believe that when your company executives and your project management teams understand and utilize this manual and its many areas of knowledge regularly, difficult projects with will always be more successful. In this lively and interactive session, John will walk you through the most important sections of the manual and explain their application and their importance in creating successful project outcomes.