Mason Evans


Mason Evans is President and CEO of JH Kelly and the President of the PMCA of Oregon. As a fourth-generation “Kelly”, Mason brings new energy and ideas to the company.  After graduating from Notre Dame, he got a real education in a construction trailer.  Through his years in the field, Mason learned the value of a good superintendent and the importance of identifying and satisfying a customer’s needs.  Mason’s leadership, communication, and organizational skills allow him to oversee several functions within the organization, ranging from sponsoring large projects to strategic initiatives that improve bottom-line performance.

Mason has been in his current role as President/CEO for 15+ years.  Additionally, he is the President of the PMCA of Oregon and chair of its Negotiating Committee.  Mason is a member of the MCAA’s Project Management Education Committee (PMEC) and volunteer instructor at the AIPM program in Austin Texas.  JH Kelly is a long-time MCAA Member headquartered in the Pacific Northwest with revenues in excess of $300mm.