Lee Smither


Lee Smither provides strategic planning guidance to engineering and construction companies to improve their corporate performance. He specializes in market strategy and consulting, developing and implementing organization-wide change initiatives and other leader-focused engagements. 

He oversees client engagements of all sizes and has worked with a broad spectrum of industry firms, including many of the nation’s largest engineering and construction firms, general contractors, specialty constructors and construction managers. Lee served for nine years on the FMI Board of Directors as the treasurer and chairman of the finance committee, and led the firm’s CEO Forum, which hosted the Top 100 leaders from the industry annually in Washington. 

Having worked in the utility industry prior to joining FMI, Lee has a practical and objective perspective. He has published articles on a wide variety of topics in numerous construction trade journals such as “Transportation Builder,” “Midwest Contractor,” “Journal of Construction Accounting and Taxation.” He currently serves as a board member for several industry associations and client firms.