Beverly Holcomb


Beverly Holcomb is the Co-Founder of “The SATAURA Project”; a comprehensive online educational platform that focuses on all areas of human health & potential. Beverly has an extensive background in the design and facilitation of Integrative Corporate Wellness Programs. She has merged her expertise and passion into the development of live and online programs for Corporations; with a laser focus on the long-term health and well-being of their employees.  Her programs massively improve the overall culture, community, productivity, and bottom line, with a measurable R.O.I. for the organization. Her programs have been profoundly impactful within various types of industries, including commercial real estate, manufacturing, construction, fitness, architectural, automotive, insurance, investment, banking, consulting, and functional & integrative health clinics. Holcomb is also the former CEO and Founder of NRG Solutions, a salivary hormone and neurotransmitter testing company.  She has years of research and clinical experience working with the various aspects of nutrition, hormones, detoxification and addictions. She also has extensive training from the Kresser Institute as an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health and Nutrition Coach. She is also a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer with a focus on Metabolic Training and Performance Enhancement.